Urban Exploration: The Watertown Branch

Many people who live near and commute through Cambridge, Watertown, and Waltham have noticed potions of the essentially abandoned Watertown Branch railroad. Vanshnookenraggen PhotoBlog has an interesting series on the Watertown Branch, located here, which includes decaying train tracks, puddles, bridges, and oodles of neat graffiti.This whole line is easily accessible at various points, as it passes right through very active parts of the local community. Be sure to check this series out - it's quite worth it!


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I'm Not "Lost" -- Not Yet, Anyway

I'd just like to let you all know that I haven't gotten "lost" in my explorations -- I've just been preoccupied with several projects.

I'm currently working on a new site for myself as an artist. It will feature various photographs, prints, graphic art, writing, and other things I've done over the past several years. I'm excited for the finished product, but getting there is quite the task!

I promise to have a new update this weekend, and thank you for your patience! For anyone running on Monday, good luck and stay dry! (The latter might be near impossible, though!)


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Non-Photography in Boston

One of my favorite urban photographers whose work I've explored online is the talented Nitsa. Her work focuses largely on New York, but she has ventured to many cities around the world, including Boston, and captured some stunning images of our beautiful city.

Nitsa's idea of "non-photography," or photography without rules, has earned her much praise and support, and she has published several books of her work, including one describing her non-photography process.

As a fellow urban photographer, I appreciate and share many of her strategies. She urges street photographers to ditch the special gear, instruction books, and calculations, and just get out on the street and shoot.

The end result is an array of incredible images, many of which feature "accidental" content, that will inspire many others to capture their favorite city.

Check out Nitsa's Boston gallery, or visit her Main Site.

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The Mt. Auburn Cemetery

One of the most picturesque and non-urban locations in Cambridge can be found in the Mount Auburn Cemetery.

The historic landmark, celebrating its 175th anniversary, offers spectacular floral scenes and tree-lined paths.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the cemetery, however, is the historic architecture. From its oldest structure, the Egyptian Revival gateway, to the Washington Tower, which offers memorable views of the city, one could spend a day just marveling at the historic buildings and scupltures.

The Cemetery is easily accessible via the MBTA's charming Route #71 or #73 Trackless Trolley routes, which run out of Harvard station on the Red Line. Take the bus to Aberdeen Avenue, and cross Mount Auburn Street to enter the cemetery.

For more information, including upcoming events and tours, you can visit the Mount Auburn Cemetery's website.


Top photo from MountAuburn.org

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The LRV: Beginning and End

I've finally posted photos of the last run of the LRV on the Green Line. The photos are part of a new virtual exhibit at the Boston Transit eMuseum, entitled "The LRV: Beginning and End."

The exhibit explores documents and photos relating to the 1970's launch of the vehicles, from design specs to testing photos. I plan to also add video of the last run in the near future.

You can check out the full exhibit at The Boston Transit eMuseum, or look specifically at the last run photos here.

You can also check out the newly renovated TransitHistory.


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Forgotten Boston

The folks over at the wonderful website, Forgotten New York, have a short but jam-packed page of Boston goodies. From old ads painted on the sides of buildings to a peculiar ten-foot-wide house, they've got a sampling of everything "forgotten" in Boston.

Among my favorites are the lamppost mailboxes on Beacon Hill, and the great "Street Scenes" featuring the pre-renovation facade of the Opera House. This page and its information are several years old, but the content is still quite interesting.

Check out Forgotten Boston for some great photos and some great ideas on some urban exploration trips of your own!

P.S. -- An update with photos from the last run of the LRV is coming. Stay tuned!


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New Developments on the LRV Farewell

Once again, I've got an update to the Light Rail Vehicle "farewell."

The final public run of these vehicles has been pushed back to Friday at 11:00AM. It will run out of Riverside station and make one round trip to Government Center. There might still be a run today, but the Friday trip seems to be certain, though the weather may make fools of us all! Check TransitHistory and The MBTA Forum for more.

I hope to have a new post late Friday with some photos of the trip. Once again, if you are available, it might just be worth your time! It's not every day that a transit vehicle fleet is retired.

I'll also have a new "regular" update soon, once I get this whole LRV thing behind me!


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